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We all have made choices and decisions that have caused obstacles in our lives. They prevent us from being authentic, from trusting others and from moving forward.  True Freedom is all about identifying those obstacles, finding hope and receiving healing.


Is there something in your life that is holding you back? Discover the choices that can lead you to true freedom, a life of transparency, free from fear and regrets.

I had the privilege of participating in a Sagebrush Church Freedom Group which is a 25 week recovery study that really dug deep into the core of my addiction and subsequent recovery.  The 5 topic study - Surrender, Ownership, Heal, Grow and Connect is broken down into action steps that are presented in a way that really makes it easy to fully understand the damage my addition did to myself and others.   It offered me real help in growing my relationship with Christ in order to live the life He intended for me to live.  Most recovery programs I've been in focus on the open share concept in order for those in recovery to share with others their hurts, habits and hangups. This Freedom Group study was a lot more in depth and gave me the tools to really leave my addiction behind and find joy in my new life in Christ in a meaningful and lasting way.

Steve Blunier

CEO & Associate Broker

The Blunier Team/Keller Williams

Unlike many spiritually oriented self-help books, Rick uses a very personal, warm, and vulnerable writing style to help his readers make healthy choices and experience emotional and spiritual healing.By sharing his own struggles as the struggles of others, Rick gives the reader a fresh sense of hope, purpose, and freedom. Rick weaves his stories with life-changing principles from God’s Word in such a way that the reader will gain a fresh understanding of God’s love, healing power.  I believe that one of the positive results of reading A Life Set Free or True Freedom is that the reader will experience a renewed sense of God’ presence and purpose in their life.

John H. Thurman Jr. 
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Author and Speaker

This process is incredible! True Freedom is an Intercal tool for discipling individuals. They learn to replace impulsive, compulsive, or destructive behaviors with dependence on Jesus Christ. It is only then that we experience True Freedom!

Richelle Wright

MSgt, USAF (Retired)



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